Greatest Marketing Campaigns: Print

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Description: This image is one of a series of ads showing Burger King restaurants on fire.

Objectives: Draw attention to the flame grilled preparation of the Burger King burgers in an unexpected and memorable way.

Target Market: General audience. To make the connection to the “flame grilled” a consumer would need to have some prior experience or knowledge of Burger King.

Action: Remind consumers in an eye catching way that Burger King burgers are flame grilled, which they believe is a differentiator for them compared to their peers.

Value Proposition: No overt value proposition. The subtle message is a reminder of the flame grilled preparation of their burgers, which makes them taste better.



Description: A women in her kitchen putting her Altoids tins to good use. She has one tucked in her bosom (contents unknown) and three hanging on the wall containing her teeth, a phone number, and brass knuckles.

Objectives: Remind viewers in a fun and memorable way that in addition to buying their mints you are also getting a very useful tin. The mix of unlikely items combined with the star of this ad infer that anyone is a potential consumer of Altoids.

Target Market: General audience. Women in particular may connect with the tin tucked in her bosom, as this is the way some women carry phones, money, and other personal items when they don’t have a purse.

Action: Remind consumers in a humorous and memorable way that Altoids are the mints in the handy tin box. This ad features a loyal consumer with many boxes in the frame, implying they must be great.

Value Proposition: The ad features no overt mention of the mints, so a consumer without prior exposure might be inspired to find out what Altoids are. This ad centers on the usefulness and durability of the tins the product comes in, which both stand out on the shelf and offer the consumer a use afterwards.


Description: A close up of perfectly fried, crispy, crinkle-cut french fries with a single caption of “Pass the Heinz.”

Objectives: Remind readers that nothing goes better with freshly cooked fries than Heinz ketchup. Said definitively, as the brand name implies that there is no other kind of ketchup to pass.

Target Market: General audience. French fry eaters.

Action: Close up allows the viewer to see the moisture from the oil the fries were cooked in still shining, implying they are fresh and still hot. The first thing one does when presented with such a treat is to reach for the Heinz ketchup, which is the perfect compliment to french fries. Literally, “Pass the Heinz” and if you don’t have it, you better go buy some.

Value Proposition: Heinz ketchup is what you put on your french fries. It makes what is tasty even more delicious. It’s what you do.


Description: A child (presumably a child soldier) holding a gun. Caption reads, “gettyimages: The best and the worst photos”.

Objectives: Shock the viewer with a “worst photo” that most would find difficult or troubling to look at. Reminds viewers that you can find photos of everything at gettyimages, both positive and negative.

Target Market: Anyone with need of legally acquired photos, like those in advertising, bloggers, or business people preparing reports and presentations.

Action: Remind consumers that just about any image that they might need can be purchased for use at gettyimages.

Value Proposition: When you need an image, any kind of image, you can expect to quickly find what you are looking for at gettyimages.


Description: A man in traditional Arab dress raises an American flag in front of his suburban home. His daughters play in the background, one playing soccer and the other hula hooping. The hashtag “#WeAreAmerica” and the “love has no labels” logos are displayed in the corner.

Objectives: Remind viewer that Arab Americans are Americans too. They are just as patriotic as anyone from other ancestries. The idyllic home, kids playing, and hints of a picket fence reinforce traditional American dreams.

Target Market: General audience. In an time where people of Arab ancestry are being demonized, the ad serves as a reminder to those that may be receiving these messages that Arab Americans are just as American as they are.

Action: Remind viewers that most people are just trying to make a good life for their kids. Arab Americans are Americans, despite what some talking heads or politicians might say or tweet.

Value Proposition: Reinforce the patriotism and pursuit of the American dream of people from many backgrounds, including those of Arab decent.


2 thoughts on “Greatest Marketing Campaigns: Print

  1. Jeremiah,

    We chose the most of the same ads for this one. However I must admit even though I saw it I was weary of analyzing the #WeAreAmerica ad because I was afraid I would not do the message justice, I feel like you did an excellent job on this one in particular.

    Thank you


  2. Jeremiah,

    Great ads! Unfortunately, not all of the people that SHOULD see them will (the Arab American ad, for example).

    The Altoids ad is hilarious. One day, I’m sure there will be a Guinness Book of World Records listing for the largest Altoid tin collection.

    Thanks for sharing these ads and your perspective.



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