Greatest Marketing Campaigns: Television

Check out the analysis below of five award winning television ads.

The Boys

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Description: An ad that draws viewers in with stereotypical male experiences from the perspective of “the boys.”

Objectives: Cheeky way to connect to men based on common experiences and convey a punchline emphasizing how comfortable Bonds underwear are.

Target Market: Post-pubescent men. Alludes to professional men with board room reference.

Action: Buy Bonds underwear.

Value Proposition: Underwear so comfortable that “the boys” will thank you.


Rabbit Race

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Description: A live sport event Easter 2015 of 10 competing rabbits during a commercial break. This was a multimedia customer engagement campaign designed to drive traffic for Media Markt, Germany’s largest electronics retailer.

Objectives: Increase Media Markt sales and engage customers in a unique way.

Target Market: Expressed intent is fun for the whole family. Special interest for kids/parents, gamblers, and rabbit lovers.

Action: Shop at Media Markt.

Value Proposition: If your rabbit wins, you get 50% of your money back.



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Description: Ad shows father and daughter putting their completed U.S. Census form in the mail and their community applauding.

Objectives: Empowering families in the Asian community to complete the U.S. Census, communicate when to expect it in the main, and explain why filling it out is important for them.

Target Market: Asian families that speak Mandarin.

Action: Expect your census form in the mail and be sure to fill it out to make sure your community gets its share of government services.

Value Proposition: Your community will thank you for doing your small part to make sure they get their share of government services.

Ford Explorer - Wedding

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Description: Kevin Hart crashes a wedding using the features of the 2011 Ford Explorer.

Objectives: Highlight the selling features of the 2011 Ford Explorer, especially terrain management.

Target Market: Special attention to the African American community, but appeals to a general car buying audience given the humor of Kevin Hart.

Action: Buy the 2011 Ford Explorer.

Value Proposition: The Ford Explorer is fun to drive and the terrain management feature makes it safe and easy to navigate any conditions.

Rosetta Stone ESL

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Description: Commercial highlights a series of everyday interactions where Spanish speaking users of Rosetta Stone were able to feel more confident in their English language communication.

Objectives: Show many different kinds of people benefiting from the confidence they’ve gained learning English using Rosetta Stone.

Target Market: Spanish speaking population in a English dominated world.

Action: Order the free demo to try Rosetta Stone.

Value Proposition: If you are able to communicate in English more confidently, you will do better at work, be more engaged with your kid’s education, and more connected to your neighbors and community. Anyone can do it with Rosetta Stone.