Greatest Marketing Campaigns: Radio



Check out the analysis below of five award winning radio ads.

Radio Ad 1: I Am the Middle Bun

Middle Bun

Click the image above to listen to the radio ad.

Description: The experience of a Dreamer or second generation American of Latin heritage as it parallels the middle bun of a Big Mac, caught between two worlds.

Objectives: The primary objective is to sell more Big Macs. Secondarily, this ad says that McDonald’s understands their lived experience.

Target Market: Young, Latino/a, Spanglish-speaking, with a love of America and this cultural heritage.

Action: Buy a Big Mac. It will bring you simple joy.

Value Proposition: The Big Mac tastes good and mirrors your experience. Like life, if your sandwich isn’t messy you aren’t doing it right.

Radio Ad 2: Keep Farts Funny

Keep Farts Funny

Click the image above to listen to the radio ad.

Description: A sampling of various farts, calling attention to chronic flatulence as a possible symptom of colon cancer.

Objectives: Awareness of this symptom of colon cancer and to encourage colonoscopies for those over 50.

Target Market: General audience with special attention to adults 50 or older who are at greater risk of colon cancer.

Action: Be aware that chronic flatulence is a symptom of colon cancer. Get a colonoscopy if you are 50 or older.

Value Proposition: Keeping farts funny, making something that people are afraid of like a colonoscopy easier to talk about. Who doesn’t love a good fart joke?

Radio Ad 3: Kitty

Kitty Lottery

Click the image above to listen to the radio ad.

Description: Someone imitating the “meows” (badly) of a rich man’s deceased cat.

Objectives: Help people imagine how they would spend their money if they were to win the lottery. Sell lottery tickets.

Target Market: Anyone of lottery buying age. General appeal to a wide audience.

Action: Buy a lottery ticket.

Value Proposition: If the buyer wins the lottery, they will spend their money on much better things than this guy wasting his money on bad kitty imitations.

Radio Ad 4: Netflix Holiday Radio

Netflix Christmas

Click the image above to listen to the radio ad.

Description: Two different scenarios of relatives who are very different, but find common ground with a shared interest in a movie genre.

Objectives: Remind people of the tension that is often felt visiting relatives and how a good movie can offer some relief. Increase Netflix subscriptions.

Target Market: General appeal to a wide audience. Those with the means to afford a Netflix account and the technology on which to play it. Most people have awkward family relationships they navigate during the holidays.

Action: Subscribe to Netflix.

Value Proposition: Netflix creates opportunities to share experiences with family members who are very different from us.

Radio Ad 5: Wake Up

Sobe Wake Up

Click the image above to listen to the radio ad.

Description: Loud alarms and sirens played as advertisements between 1:00 and 5:00 am to help keep sleepy drivers awake.

Objectives: Call attention to waking up sleepy drivers to sell more Sobe Energy drinks.

Target Market: Anyone who is sleepy and needs to stay awake.

Action: Buy Sobe Energy drinks to help keep you awake.

Value Proposition: Drinking a Sobe Energy drink is a more desirable way to stay awake than unexpected loud alarms and sirens.

3 thoughts on “Greatest Marketing Campaigns: Radio

  1. Jeremiah, when I saw the first ad, I thought all of your ads were going to be food themed to fit your non-profit food truck theme. Ha! I liked the variety of ads you picked, (some of which I have heard through my own research). Thanks for finding the Netflix one. I had somehow missed it; I love the tactic it uses. Netflix genres as a unifying interest between very different family members who have to spend the holidays together. What a brilliant and accurate selling point for Netflix. They may as well say, “watch Netflix, you won’t have to actually speak to one another unless it’s about popcorn or watching another episode”. So perfect!


  2. Jeremiah,

    Your variety of ad choices was great. Keep Farts Funny – wow. I listened to the ads before reading your descriptions and I was definitely wondering where that was going. It really is an effective way to shed light on an otherwise hard and unpleasant subject. The Netflix ad was funny yet honest. That could easily be me and my father. Very relatable but also an attempt to show that people with different ideas/opinions can indeed “Netflix and chill” together. The kitty ad is so much more accurate than one might think. Some people really do have too much money (which is why I need to win the lottery). I found the Sobe ad super annoying with all those loud animal sounds. I barely made it through the entire thing! I don’t think I would need an energy drink if someone just blasted those sounds in my ear. Your descriptions were spot on. Nice job!



  3. Jeremiah,

    I enjoyed your analysis and I actually found each ad appealing. In particular I really appreciated your analysis of the McDonald’s ad. I listened to the ad and then read your analysis and I did not immediately pick up on the “Dreamer” reference that is explained in the description so I went back and listened to the ad again. The second time around I saw what McDonalds was trying to say more clearly and I was wowed.

    My dad is a colon cancer survivor so I was very much appreciative of the “Keep Fats funny” ad. What a great, humorous, way to educate the public about the need for colonoscopies.

    Well done,

    Caitlin Bailey


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