Greatest Marketing Campaigns: Radio



Check out the analysis below of five award winning radio ads.

Radio Ad 1: I Am the Middle Bun

Middle Bun

Click the image above to listen to the radio ad.

Description: The experience of a Dreamer or second generation American of Latin heritage as it parallels the middle bun of a Big Mac, caught between two worlds.

Objectives: The primary objective is to sell more Big Macs. Secondarily, this ad says that McDonald’s understands their lived experience.

Target Market: Young, Latino/a, Spanglish-speaking, with a love of America and this cultural heritage.

Action: Buy a Big Mac. It will bring you simple joy.

Value Proposition: The Big Mac tastes good and mirrors your experience. Like life, if your sandwich isn’t messy you aren’t doing it right.

Radio Ad 2: Keep Farts Funny

Keep Farts Funny

Click the image above to listen to the radio ad.

Description: A sampling of various farts, calling attention to chronic flatulence as a possible symptom of colon cancer.

Objectives: Awareness of this symptom of colon cancer and to encourage colonoscopies for those over 50.

Target Market: General audience with special attention to adults 50 or older who are at greater risk of colon cancer.

Action: Be aware that chronic flatulence is a symptom of colon cancer. Get a colonoscopy if you are 50 or older.

Value Proposition: Keeping farts funny, making something that people are afraid of like a colonoscopy easier to talk about. Who doesn’t love a good fart joke?

Radio Ad 3: Kitty

Kitty Lottery

Click the image above to listen to the radio ad.

Description: Someone imitating the “meows” (badly) of a rich man’s deceased cat.

Objectives: Help people imagine how they would spend their money if they were to win the lottery. Sell lottery tickets.

Target Market: Anyone of lottery buying age. General appeal to a wide audience.

Action: Buy a lottery ticket.

Value Proposition: If the buyer wins the lottery, they will spend their money on much better things than this guy wasting his money on bad kitty imitations.

Radio Ad 4: Netflix Holiday Radio

Netflix Christmas

Click the image above to listen to the radio ad.

Description: Two different scenarios of relatives who are very different, but find common ground with a shared interest in a movie genre.

Objectives: Remind people of the tension that is often felt visiting relatives and how a good movie can offer some relief. Increase Netflix subscriptions.

Target Market: General appeal to a wide audience. Those with the means to afford a Netflix account and the technology on which to play it. Most people have awkward family relationships they navigate during the holidays.

Action: Subscribe to Netflix.

Value Proposition: Netflix creates opportunities to share experiences with family members who are very different from us.

Radio Ad 5: Wake Up

Sobe Wake Up

Click the image above to listen to the radio ad.

Description: Loud alarms and sirens played as advertisements between 1:00 and 5:00 am to help keep sleepy drivers awake.

Objectives: Call attention to waking up sleepy drivers to sell more Sobe Energy drinks.

Target Market: Anyone who is sleepy and needs to stay awake.

Action: Buy Sobe Energy drinks to help keep you awake.

Value Proposition: Drinking a Sobe Energy drink is a more desirable way to stay awake than unexpected loud alarms and sirens.